What do you need in a Tablet?

Desktop like experience but with portability. How about spending $35 for a touchscreen tablet which runs on Android OS with 2GB RAM. Connectivity options include both Wifi and 3G.

What’s more, these Tablets are available in 7 and 9 inch size and can also run on solar energy. Other features include inbuilt card reader, USB port and ebook reader.

[ Via Techie Buzz ]

$35 Tablet Better Than Overhyped Tablets

2 thoughts on “$35 Tablet Better Than Overhyped Tablets

  • Wow, interesting product. Unfortunately not available to the public, just for Indian students. It is great to see a product like this though, it might provoke another manufacturer to create a similar tablet targeted towards trade services and people who work out in the field.

    I know I would use a tablet for organization purposes at work if one were affordable. I don’t want an $800 iPad that I will probably break.

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