All blogger’s are setting up New Year goals and reading the title of this post may let you think for one moment that I’m going to post my goals for New Year 2010. Nahh I really don’t like to post those huge lists and to amaze you I’m very unorganized person and never set specific goals ( my bad habit I’m trying to overcome). So I thought to keep me and other blogger’s  inspired I should create a list and link to other blogger’s New Year goal’s.

2010 goals

1.   Bangaloreloka

2.  Techcats


4.  Eblogtip


6.  Need-information

7.  Ericasays

8.  Freemanlegacyllc

9.  Myonlineincomebykidgas

10.  Lifenotion

11.  Potpolitics

12.  Myblessedlife

13.  Oneblessedmamaofboys

14.  Thediaperdiaries

15.  5dollardinners

16.  Atomic-mama

17.  Easternshoremom

18.  Happyhousewifelivinglife

19.  Jaypeeonline

20.  Thecoremechanic

21.  Savingcentswithsense

22.  Sandeephegde

23.  Seanpaune

24.  Thethriftymama

25.  Allamericanblogger

26.  Kingdomfirstmom

27.  Iamamoneymagnet

28.  Mommysnacks

29.  Moneysavingmom

30.  Mrsmoneysaver

31.  Couponladyonline

32.  Lessthandot

33.  Notjust9to5

34.  Devafagan

35.  Beginnerblogger

36. Jahangiri

37. Technascent

Setting blog goals are easy but to achieve your goals you must strictly follow them too. Below is the list of posts which will show you how to achieve your goals.

1.  Bloggingtips

2.  Ben-lang

3.  Rosedesrochers

4.  Steitblog

5.  Blaineblogger

6.  Icantinternet

7.  Andreascottllc

8.  Flawlessfitnessbook

Update : Looks like I’ve missed many friendly blogger’s new year resolution’s.  If you are one of them,  just post a link to your 2010 goals in the comment section and I’ll happily add it to the list. Happy Blogging.

Blogging Goals for Year 2010 : The Big List

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