Dreamhost is amongst the leading webhosting companies with millions of sites already hosted on Dreamhost servers. Dreamhost Coupons and Promo codes for 2012 provides each one of us to be the part of this great community with the lowest prices ever.

DreamHost offers free trial offer to all its new customers. You can use DreamHost coupons to obtain discounts and also get 2 weeks free trial in which if you are not satisfied with the performance, you have the option to opt out without paying anything.

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Best Dreamhost Coupon Codes 2012

Below are the best Dreamhost coupon codes for 2012 which provide the maximum discount available on Dreamhost webhosting.

  • MAX503D  $50 off, 3 free domains
  • MAX502D  $50 off, 2 free domains
  • MAX501D  $50 off, 1 free domain
  • MAXSEO2012  1 free lifetime domain + 2 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
  • MAX501U  $50 off, 1 free lifetime domain+ 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
  • 5D2012  Dreamhost Domain Coupon 5 free lifetime domains

With Dreamhost you get many benefits like unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth which is essential so that your website do no slow down even at peak traffic. Dreamhost offers variety of hosting packages ranging from Shared hosting, VPS hosting, to Dedicated hosting.

If you are just looking to start out blogging on WordPress platform then Dreamhost is one of the best wordpress based hosting solutions available with one click wordpress install and video guides to help you to install your  new wordpress blog.

Best Dreamhost Coupon and Promo Codes for 2012

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