Mini Laptops or Netbooks is a subject often put to rest. With personal computers shrinking in proportions constantly, nowadays a laptop adorns most people’s desks at work and practical, but in addition those active a much more portable option is required like a netbook.

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Netbooks are the reply to those that travels a lot and need portable solution to work with. It may be mostly used for internet and web access on a holiday which also serves as  a ‘on-the-go’ computer  and uses minimal safe-keeping with great battery life. The netbook has become the most popular kinds of computers throughout the last 12 months, and its easy to see why. The netbook is actually a mini laptop that’s roughly half how large a regular laptop but comes handy when there is a need for mobile computing and also small quantities of data storage.

best netbooks under 200

For those looking to buy a netbook, the massive selection available could make choosing one a bit of a tricky but if you’re looking for cheap netbooks nice thing about it is that you can end up having great deals on used or refurbished netbooks that too just under $200. A reasonable netbook is not necessarily a bad netbook either, despite what are the many salespeople or elitist techies will explain.

If you wish to replace your laptop, an easily affordable netbook most likely is not a wise choice. In case you play games, watch television or video, you’ll want to buy a high-end notebook  which are powerful enough to aid such requirements that too come within the budget of $350 like Compaq Presario Cq57489wm which comes with a nice 15.6 inch screen and AMD E-300 processor running at 1.30GHz. It is a perfect laptop for anyone who is looking for a quality laptop at a low price for watching movies or web browsing.

Most good new netbooks you will have at online shops including Amazon, Best Buy or WalMart are in the range starting around $280 to $500 or up. If you’re with a tighter budget you can find several used netbooks under 200 too , but when you make a decision to buy one , it is always wise to see all the options and compare before making a purchase. If you’re budget-conscious a good option is to buy a used or refurbished netbook that won’t cost you a lot.

One of the basic things you must know prior to buying a used or refurbished netbook is to check it for any problems. This list below covers the fundamentals of buying cheap netbooks whether it’s new, used or refurbished.  Just as in everything else you read online, you’ll wish to take sometime for it to do your own personal research.

Screen SizeThis is probably the 1st thing which many people look for when buying a netbook but most netbooks nowadays come with a display size of approximately 10, 10.1 or even 11 inches. To provide a thought (in the event you don’t know yet), screen sizes are measured diagonally from the top left corner towards the bottom right corner. This screen size may seem very small at first but after a few hours of continuous use you will be completely used to it and even if it may appear small to you, it’s always the screen size that makes a netbook portable.

Battery Life

A lot of people find bargain netbooks due to portability. A netbook with a short life on battery aren’t beneficial whatsoever! Let’s say you’re traveling and your netbook battery runs out in span of few hours. What can you do when you are in the middle of an essential task and you are no longer able to complete that task because your netbook battery ran out. Even on tighter budget $200 netbooks are prepared for providing long life cycle of battery. For example Toshiba Mini NB305 can give upto 8.3 hours of battery life.


Because of netbook size, the processing power is packed in a very small case. You can not expect you’ll play a graphics-intensive game onto it, specifically for cheap netbooks. However, there are lots of powerful notebooks that could handle playing videos, music, and software simultaneously with dual core intel or amd processors but a majority of used netbooks utilize older Intel Atom processors like N450 or N455.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Along with good processor high amount of RAM ensures that your netbook is able to work on multiple programs and files without overloading the system. Cheap netbooks usually have limited RAM of merely one GB, so again, gaming is unthinkable but you may be able run multiple applications though. Another feature to look out for is to find a netbook in which you can upgrade ram to two GB. Some netbooks like Gateway LT3103U however do comes with 2 GB of DDR2 memory and ATI Radeon X1270 graphics which is great from the price point of view.

Hard Drive

Almost all netbooks now includes 160 GB of Hard Drive but you should always look for used or refurbished netbooks under $200 which comes with at least 160 GB hard disk as the more work you do, the bigger your storage requirement will be. You may find some low cost used netbooks with even higher disk space like ASUS Eee PC 1001PXD comes with 250 GB pre installed hard disk and costs $175 for a used condition.


If you are intending to be using your netbook while travelling around along for a long time you’ll need a light weight netbook solution. Netbooks normally weigh 1.4kg and it may seems light compared to a laptop which generally weighs more than 1.5Kg. It’s also preferable to purchase a secure case for your new netbook as you won’t get one with your purchase, to protect it from rough conditions while travelling.

Although many netbooks  relatively have similar features, so as to many of the features will slightly differ. One may have a greater battery life and the other might pack an even more impressive hard drive but while shopping for cheap netbooks you should make a wise purchase decision by assessing your needs and wants.
Guide to Buying Cheap Netbooks Under 200 Dollars

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