Madcatz Xbox 360 Steering Wheel is the best xbox 360 wheel in the market for this price.┬áThere are better wheels out there, if you’re willing to shell out the cash but for the price this is the most realistic racing wheel available for the Xbox 360. The quality of the unit is great. When you wrap your hands around the rubber-grip wheel and drop your foot onto the pedal, the wheel’s resistance feels natural and the vibration feedback adds to the realism in games.

With ten analog action buttons, the Madcatz Xbox 360 Steering Wheel works great with every game, some of which I like are Burnout, Dirt, NFS Hot Pursuit/Shift, Grid, Forza and Test Drive Unlimited 2. However, on some games the hat switch in which you look at the car from a 360 perspective is disabled. It seems to work best with Need for Speed Shift/Hot pursuit and Grid. I actually prefer it to the MS wheel, which was nearly 3 times as expensive.


Madcatz Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

Madcatz Xbox 360 Steering Wheel Features:

  • Vibration feedback technology for more real gaming experience
  • Optimal vibration feedback and excellent grip with rubber coated steering wheel
  • 10 High-performance action buttons for superior control in game
  • Retractable leg supports put you in the driver?s seat and keep you there
  • Vertical vector design means when you throttle up, the pedals won?t take off; Officially licensed for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel by Madcatz is available at Amazon for $81 with discount of $18

Madcatz Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

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