Nokia has confirmed that it’s first Windows 7 Phone will be released in Q4 this year. The Nokia Sea Ray, which is rumored to be Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device was leaked few months ago. This new Nokia Windows Phone 7 is identical to the Nokia N9, which also received a lot of positive feedback.

Stephen Elop chief executive officer of Nokia Corporation while speaking to the media in China said that the new Nokia phone will be launched by the end of this year. Later on this year an image of the Sea Ray leaked and seems like the new Nokia phone is codenamed “703” .

nokia windows phone 7 release date
image courtesy zdnet

Nokia has partnered with the operating system giant to make devices based on the Windows Phone 7 platform instead of Symbian as it continues to lose market share smartphone market with Android and iOS both gaining market share. Also, check out Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer for portable printing via smartphones like Nokia windows 7 phone.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Release Date Confirmed

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  • I’m gonna wait for the release of this one.It’s good that Nokia shifts to a more powerful platform. I’m a huge fan of Nokia but I want a new UI other than Symbian..

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