Affordable Laptops – A Perfect Gift for Everyone

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to buy great gifts for family and friends. A great gift that will be loved by all is an everyday use laptop. Today a wide range of laptops on the market are available with different ranges of performance and other key technologies. With laptops, there are differences in size, features, functions, and price like some laptops under $500, $600 and so on. If you are looking for a new laptop as a gift for your loved ones, or perhaps a gift for yourself, look at the following tips for buying best laptops in this season.

Laptops for Students:

Today, high school and college / university students need laptops more than ever. The Notebook is popular because it is portable, so that students can take the class and library. Below $ 500, you have various options of laptops to choose from which are well suited for tasks such as word processing, email, spreadsheets, and use the Internet and they are perfect for essay writing, to stay in touch with family, surf the Internet, research notes in class and for term papers. They have also abundent storage space, and are perfect for the job of necessary tasks for students.

Family laptops

There are laptops that are designed for family use which can meet the needs of each family member. They even have parental controls. These laptops can be used for homework, you can surf the net, social networking, download and manage photos, e-mail, YouTube videos, reading online newspapers and magazines, games, etc. good notebook family has a screen size 13-15-inches. 3 GB of RAM is a good choice. You should also look for a laptop which have a dual-core processor, as it is necessary for optimal performance. It should also have enough space for family photos, videos and music.

Ultraportable laptops:

This small, lightweight notebook is ideal for professionals on the go. They are easy to transport and very powerful. If you want to have a laptop with smaller screen, often in the range between 12 and 13 inches then you should take a look at ultraportable laptops. As they are light weight, can do everyday tasks and easy to carry. They also run a full version of the operating system and comes with 3 or 4 GB of RAM with a nice fast processor.

Business Notebook:

For buying good business laptop ou should choose from the best brand of laptop computers. The laptop you may choose must have Intel Corei5 or similiar processor with about 2.2 GHz or faster speed for optimum performance. In addition, a minimum of 4 GB of RAM is a good choice. Hard drive should have an optimum speed of 7200 rpm too.

It is always a good idea to do your research before buying a laptop. The key to buying the right laptop is to know what you want to use it for. For this reason you get the right set of features and technologies to meet your needs. Holiday season makes it an ideal time to get a laptop online, where you will find a range of laptops and at very low discounted prices. A laptop is a great gift idea for your loved ones, friends and family members.

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