Acer is back with it’s latest gaming mean machine The Predator G7750-A64. This 20.7 Kg gaming beast boasts an Intel Core i7-960 3.20GHz processor, 6 GB DDR3 RAM, two Nvidia GTX260 graphics cards for ultimate gaming experience.


Equipped with a massive 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive, a Blu-ray drive and a DVD Super Multi drive will enhance your multimedia experience. The G7750-A64  Predator PC comes with connectivity options like card reader, 6 USB ports, 2 Ethernet ports, 2 ESATA ports, 5 audio out ports and 4 DVI-I ports. Available late priced at ¥289,800 ($3,170 USD) this predator won’t include a monitor but it does come with a G15 keyboard & G9 mouse combo and will be available in Japan next February. If you own a xbox 360 you must check out Madcatz Xbox 360 Steering Wheel


Acer Gaming Beast The G7750-A64 Predator PC

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