I own a HTC Droid Incredible and had to have my phone plugged in half the day and still the battery would be dead after 4-5 hours of listening to music, writing just a few short emails, and some txt messaging. Owning a great mobile but with very short battery life defeats the purpose of buying a smartphone.  Just as I was going to sell my mobile, I found extended battery for droid incredible at Wireless Emporium. The results were great, now my phone lasts +9hrs of same daily usage plus I’m also able to browse internet in between my work hours. With this new 2150 mAh battery my HTC Incredible lasts truly all day long and if I’m not using some of the stuff above, it easily goes on for 2 days with a single charge.

HTC Droid Incredible Extended Battery

Moreover, The new 2150 mAh battery is better in size and shape than the 1300mAh stock one. It really fits better in my hand, and I doesn’t feel heavy either. Finally, the size of the new Droid Incredible Extended Battery raises above the camera and thus protects the lens which previously stuck out and was just at risk to get scratched. Moreover the new battery also comes with back cover so I don’t need to buy seperate cover for extended battery.The new back cover which comes with the extended battery fits in smooth with no problems whatsoever and looks good too.

I faced just one problem that my old incredible case didn’t fit the new extended cover but you can always look for droid incredible cases for extended battery from Amazon. I would definitely buy this product if I were you, and I’m glad I did. You can buy the OEM HTC Extended 2150mAh Lithium-Ion Battery for HTC Droid Incredible here.

HTC Droid Incredible Extended Battery Review

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